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The methods of traditional thai massages are unchanged for over two thousand years. They go back to their founder "Jivaka" who was not just Buddha's doctor, but one of his closet friends. His healing methods incorporate traditional chinese medicine and the traditions of the indian healing practice Ayurveda, which was perfected by buddhistic and medical components - fro ancient times until today.

The foundation of thai massages is built on the basis of inner energy points in your body the flow of energy is activated and the whole organism stimulated.

Thai massage alleviates pain and stress. They can be applied regularly to protect your health. Not only do they lessen stress, but they also boost the nervous system, calm down and lead to harmony. You will enjoy the inner ballance that is created throuhght a thai massage.

  • An overview of massages can be found at www.tawan.cz
  • Operating hours: Wednesday - Sunday 9.00 AM - 21.00 PM

Schedule an appointment at the reception of the hotel Sand Martin.

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Air conditioning
Bathrobe, slippers
Double Room with Balcony and Golf Course View
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Single bedded room with terrace by golf lake:
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Apartment Junior with a balcony and golf course views
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About us

Offers accommodation in a modern four star hotel, which is a part of golf resort Mlada Boleslav. It is in operation since June 2013. The interior of both rooms and bathrooms is spacious and modern. Every room includes terrace or balcony which offers unique view of the golf course. 

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